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Check out this work by a Danish design company called Homework very nice!


Some really nice design work by Design Friendship, take a look at their website for more nice work.

Enroute Series – #005


Spring has well and truly sprung in Holcombe. Roll on Summer!

Antonio Santin


Having begun to dabble a little with oil painting (to no great success) I have a new-found respect for people as insanely talented as Antonio Santin. Check out his drawings too.

via made by six.

Noma Bar



These amazing prints of Noma Bar’s illustrations are available to buy now.

Arrival – unix timestamp

New in at Blanka!

‘Unix time is a system for describing points in time, defined as the number of seconds elapsed since the unix epoch – midnight coordinated universal time (utc) january 1st, 1970. Any point in time can be converted into its running second total. On friday 13th february 2009 at 23:31:30 unix time reached 1234567890. The unix time stamp series of prints was created to mark this event and a selection other key calendar dates in 2009.’

Only 25 prints of each.



Si Scott is know for his hand drawn technique and has seen his work commissioned by the likes of Nike Europe, UNICEF, Casio and the BBC. Have a look at his website for more work he has done, you can also get … Continue reading


It begins… (original post here) BBC Radio asks FontShop founder Erik Spiekermann what he thinks of India’s competition to design a symbol for the rupee.

Another Perspective _ Design Assembly


“One positive change the recession has already brought is the shift of work from larger studios to small, young agencies (granted, this probably isn’t that positive if you’re the ‘larger’ agency in question). The companies that have been patiently waiting in the wings for the past couple of years are now getting their chance to impress those in a position to commission work, as the benefits of having little or no overheads (and egos) to contend with are making them an appealing alternative financially.”

Via Design Assembly.

Read this refreshingly positive article by Dan Greene  –  HERE


The Indian finance ministry has begun a public competition to select a design for the symbol of the rupee. Unlike the major currencies of the world like the dollar, the pound, the yen and the euro, the rupee does not have … Continue reading