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What’s the point

via Yayo.

Cobble Wobble

Check these posters out for the upcoming Cobble Wobble bike race in Frome! Design and illustration by Fancy.


Beautiful Screen Prints by type foundry House Industries. Produced using silver, gold and semi-opaque fluorescent orange ink, this series is limited to just 300.

2010 Studio on Fire Letterpress Calendar

During our imminent re-brand, we are researching letterpress printers for our new stationery – and have come across this stunning calendar produced by Studio on Fire. You can buy one here.

Do have a good look at the Beast Pieces blog – as there are some great samples of letterpress.


I found this ‘Earn The Crown’ flyer on a recent trip to Nike Town in London. Not sure who designed it but we all like it a lot!

Meat is Murder!

meat is murder

Love this. found it here.

Finding Carsons site was a real blast back to my college days – i think he really fucked my work up for years (and that of many other impressionable students) – fun though, and he does it well.

Claire Palfreyman

hoody1hoody 2I just found this in The Black Swan art gallery in Frome, Somerset.

The Sculptures are by London based artist Claire Palfreymen.

The ‘hoodie boys’ sulptures, using animal heads, horns/antlers/muzzles etc. aim to emphasise the ‘natural’ element of young male aggression as rite of passage, while also using these animal elements to emphasise our growing cultural attitude to youth as ‘feral’, the media seeking to herd them together as equally violent, equally responsible. equally dangerous.

He now has a new home in my studio. I love him.

Amos Toys and Signs



Weird creations we like from the world of James Jarvis.





During a recent excursion to London we visited the amazing Inamo Restaurant in Soho. Ordering is all done via an interactive digital menu projected onto your table. The photos do not do it justice, you must check it out for yourself…

Free Banksy’s




Download these official Banksy pictures (more on his site) for free!