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High Street Dreams

We are loving the new BBC series High Street Dreams which began last night.
Mr Singh’s Chilli Sauce designed by Pearl Fisher shown above.


V&A Retail – Why Not Associates


New identity for V&A Retail by Why Not Associates. Nice.


Some really nice design work by Design Friendship, take a look at their website for more nice work.

This is origami

A really beautiful bit of work  by Magdalena Czarnecki. See below for the explanation of the work, or visit the website for more work at

Empty paperbags, containing simple step by step instructions on how to fold the bag into an origami animal, in order to become a sustainable designer toy in paper. The cost of the bag is directed to the WWF to help save the endangered animal and it’s dying population.





Identity, product brochure and packaging for 4th Floor by StudioKanna.

TK1 – Portfolio / A-Side Studio / Graphic design and illustration studio


TK1 – Portfolio / A-Side Studio / Graphic design and illustration studio.

DVD Illustration & Packaging

TK1 is a new DVD series of short films made in and about Cornwall and the Cornish language.

This inaugural Tyskennow Kernow volume embraces slingers and threshers, troubled chefs and a tempting devil, a Cornish-speaking rabbit, some stunning beards, nine hundred flags, two riotous old dears and an impassioned plea for the liberation of Kernow!

Rowse – Designer Rock



Rowse is an up and coming rock band based in London. Goodbye Today is their new ep, which is well worth a listen. All sleeve and promotional material is designed by band members Jamie Mccathie (vocals) and John Hughes (Bass Guitar). Jamie also played a large part in designing Metallica’s latest album cover through his day job as a designer at Turner Duckworth’s London Studio.