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Little People at Cosh

Slinkachu has got some cool prints for sale at have a look at the website to see which ones you can get your hands on!

Studio Parris Wakefield

Very cool set of Christmas cards from Parris Wakefield. Have a look on their shop for more Christmas cards that you can buy.


Yes studio have produced a set of 4 beautiful C-type prints to mark the 20th anniversary of the legendary independent label Warp Records. Check out their website for more information on how you can get your hands on them!

Freitag Diaries



NOT! At least not the paper agenda. There’s something about ink-less pens and the artificial rustling of PDAs that we find incredibly annoying. You can’t draw hearts, you can’t cross things out, you can’t «pencil in» a date or use a fat marker for your deadline and you can’t rip out pages and throw them at your friends. And never, ever did time stop because you ran out of batteries.

Get one here.


Limited Edition Posters: If you’re like most people you probably haven’t figured out what to give away (or get yourself) as Christmas gift this year, so why not get something really cool and limited? Avoid heachache and save time when … Continue reading


Some great work that has just been published by Onlab – Quarry Workers, six editions of a 16 page newspaper. “Photographs of quarry workers, published in six different editions, assembled in six variable configurations and serially numbed.” You can order … Continue reading

Wonder Wall – Chocolate Cafe


A temporary in-store inspired by 100%ChocolateCafe. for Isetan Department store, which participated in the world wide “Salon du Chocolat” event. The design retains the same concept as the original 100%ChocolateCafe. on the ground floor of Meiji Seika, which opened in 2004 in Kyobashi, Tokyo, though minus the café. Various chocolatiers and patisseries from around the world participated to celebrate and promote “4 Seasons of Chocolate”.

See more of their work here. Their site is cool too.

These guys also designed the BAPE store in Hong Kong that i loved so much.