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Phil Ashcroft

Combining influences from abstract expressionism, British landscape painting, Japanese woodcuts, and graphic street art, Phil Ashcroft integrates varied visual styles to generate a crossover between space, object and environment.

via ISO150

Rosie Emerson and P&O

15 Exclusive pieces have been created for the brand new Cruise liner ‘The Azura’ due to launch in April 2010. The figurative pieces will form a permanent collection in the Photography Gallery on board. The works combine film icons from Marilyn Monroe to Marlene Dietrich with painting, digital photography and 3D elements.

Go to Rosie’s website to check out more.

Antonio Santin


Having begun to dabble a little with oil painting (to no great success) I have a new-found respect for people as insanely talented as Antonio Santin. Check out his drawings too.

via made by six.

Will Barras – Balloon Girl Prints

The paintings are sold but you can get these new prints by Will Barras from Stolen Space.