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Arrival – unix timestamp

New in at Blanka!

‘Unix time is a system for describing points in time, defined as the number of seconds elapsed since the unix epoch – midnight coordinated universal time (utc) january 1st, 1970. Any point in time can be converted into its running second total. On friday 13th february 2009 at 23:31:30 unix time reached 1234567890. The unix time stamp series of prints was created to mark this event and a selection other key calendar dates in 2009.’

Only 25 prints of each.



Top Tips…



 Lush! Our hello poster arrived today, and oh what a beauty she is! This is a limited addition poster, printed four colour plus one special on Naturalis by GFSmith. The poster will be sent out with our new work book as the envelope. … Continue reading


Thank you too is a small set of cards with a great fun idea. ‘These cards can be sent to a friend or a stranger, left behind anywhere someone might find them. In a book in the library or a … Continue reading

This is origami

A really beautiful bit of work  by Magdalena Czarnecki. See below for the explanation of the work, or visit the website for more work at www.tjaneski.com

Empty paperbags, containing simple step by step instructions on how to fold the bag into an origami animal, in order to become a sustainable designer toy in paper. The cost of the bag is directed to the WWF to help save the endangered animal and it’s dying population.





Identity, product brochure and packaging for 4th Floor by StudioKanna.